Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weight Loss Journey: Part 3

So here I am again writing all about my weight loss journey, or as I should call it my weight loss that isn't happening.  Back in April I wrote part 2 of this blog topic and at the time I was just a couple of pounds from reaching my fourth goal in my journey. Well since then we have had vacation, Bible schools and lots of church get togethers.  I also had a minor surgery that put me out of commission for about 3 weeks. I also  picked up my soda habit again. I was disgusted with myself when I saw that I was drinking two, sometimes three sodas a day. I think y'all get the point, the last few months have been difficult!   So here I am back at it again. I have started drinking my water and am back to one drink a day. I am making sure that I eat breakfast everyday and that I am watching the amount of sweets I am eating. My eight year old loves to bake and we have had all sorts of goodies at home this summer. In fact, she just baked a peach cobbler this past Monday and it was delicious. All that being said, it is hard when you drop the ball and let things catch up to you. I am only up two and a half pounds from what I was, but I am still not happy with that. I have decided this time that each and every morning I am going to ask the Lord for help throughout the day to keep me on track. I am also starting back with my exercise routine. I am planning to get back to my walking 3 days a week and my Zumba 3 days a week. It is not so much about weight, but about being healthy. I am planning to get the rest of my family on board. I'm sure my husband will be all for it, but these kids are another matter. Here's to hoping that won't buck me to bad. Now let's get up, get back on the wagon and get moving!!

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

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