Saturday, September 26, 2015

Decisions: Life is full of them

I am sitting here on this rainy, cold Saturday morning trying to decide what topic to blog about.  As I watch my youngest coloring I am reminded of my childhood and all those Saturday morning cartoons. I was always the first one up. I wanted to beat my brothers to the TV so I could pick what we would watch. I think back to those childhood days when the most difficult decisions I had to make where what cereal to eat and what clothes to wear. 

As an adult we all have big decisions to make some are easy and some are really tough.  My husband and I had to make a very difficult decision a few weeks ago. I admit it was the hardest choice I have ever had to make. The decision brought up so many issues and heartbreaks.  I wish we were not facing this situation, but the truth is we are. It is not something we can just sit back and hope will fix itself, because it will not.  This was something that could not be swept away or ignored. 

Will our choice change our lives? Of course it will. Will we have days of wondering if we did the right thing? Most definitely! Will I have days of doubt and want to take it back? I'm sure I will. Will I regret my choice? I am sure there will be days that the thought will cross my mind. Was it the right thing to do? We believe it is, but only time will tell for sure. Is it best for us and our family? Who knows, we believe so, but again only time will tell. 

I know that as difficult as this choice has been for us, others have made even more difficult decisions in the past. Our decision was made after serious conversation with one another and after much prayer to God.  We wanted to make sure what we choose lined up with his word and would be what was right to do.  We wanted to make sure that what we did was God's will for our life and that we were not making a mistake.  

I am sure that we are going the right way. The decisions that are the most difficult deserve more thought and prayer. God wants only what is best for all of us. Sometimes his will does not mirror the life or plans that we have in mind. I know that God loves each of us and anything he does or allows to happen in our lives is in our best interest, even when it hurts and we don't understand. 

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My reflections of 9/11: Fourteen years later

The day was 9/11/2001. I was a student at our local community college and had a class later that day.  I decided to go to my Mama's that morning with my little girl, who was only 19 months at the time. I was helping my mom out, dusting the living room, when the news cut into the program that was on. The news crew was reporting that a plane had flown into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. I can see it now, just like I am watching it all over again. I saw that second plane on the right of the screen. I saw it crash into the second tower. I yelled out to my Mama about what I had just saw.  A short time later a third plane would crash into the Pentagon and then a fourth into a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania. I remember being so scared. I didn't know what was happening, I just knew we were under attack.  I had to leave that day and go to my college class. I remember kissing little Grace goodbye and crying all the way to school. I just wanted to stay home and be with her.  I knew that the America of my childhood was gone and that was such a sad feeling. I knew at that moment how the country felt when they got the news about Pearl Harbor in 1941. 
As I look back now, fourteen years later, I can also remember how united our country was. The Congress stood on the Capital building steps and sang "God Bless America". There was so much love for country and first responders. Patriotism was everywhere to be seen, flags were flying, people were pulling together and it seemed as if the country was one. People were flocking to churches  and looking for God like they had not done in years.  We had a President that stood up, took charge and lead our country. We showed the world that they may hit us, but they could not keep us down. We showed that American strength that helped us win our Independence.  The same strength that we leaned on after the attack on Pearl Harbor and during WWII. That American strength that had brought us through so much heartache and devastation.

As I sat here looking back I can't help but think about how our country is now,  I do not see that same country I did fourteen years ago.  Now I see a country that is more divided than I can ever remember. I see a country where people are being killed just for being a police officer. I see a country in which people are judged by the color of their skin and not by their character. I see a country where the citizens can only think of what is good for themselves. I see a country who has almost entirely turned her back on God. I see a country that calls good evil and evil good. I see a country that seems to no longer care about one another. The leader of our country now supports the very ones who attacked us. He is giving weapons to those same people. What is to keep them from attacking us again? Absolutely nothing. Fourteen years ago America was asleep, she was shocked awake by a tragic event,and now seems to slumber again.  It saddens me that I see my country in this condition and I wonder what will happen to us next. 

"That's 'my two cents worth', what's yours?"

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall: My favorite season

I have been seeing lots of these memes about fall: what it means to people, how many days to different fall activities.

Here a some of the reasons fall is my favorite:

  • The mornings/nights are just cool enough for sweaters, but the days are still just right for t-shirts. 
  • The leaves change and show off all their beautiful colors.
  • We take a little day trip up to the mountains to see all that beautiful fall foliage. 
  • It is fair time!! We have a tradition of going to the fair with the kids. The kids love the rides, but us adults live for the food!
  • Sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows while wrapped up in blankets.
  • We take our annual family fall vacation. It is only for a few days,but we so look forward to the little break we get. (This year we are heading to the beach!)
  • Our annual trip to the big flea market in Virginia for my husband and I. It is just one of our little trips for the two of us. 
  • The return of all my favorite television shows: Once Upon a Time, Castle, Bones, there are just too many to name.
  • Day trips as a family. This year we are attempting a visit to our local Renaissance Fair. 
  • Family pictures are always made this time of year. 
  • We go to the Make-A-Wish walk to raise money to help other children get their dream wish. 
  • There is the annual shopping trip with my church ladies. 
  • Thanksgiving!! I love spending time with family
  • Veterans Day!
There are a two things about Fall that I don't look forward to:

  • September brings the anniversary of my grandpa's death. It will be 4 years this year. 
  • October brings the Walk to Remember. This day is difficult as we take the steps our precious babies never will. 

Overall Fall is my favorite season, even with the tears it brings. I look forward to this time of year and enjoy spending time with my family as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Challenge

I decided at the beginning of August that I was going to embark on a new challenge, the no make-up for a month challenge. Yes, you read that right, I was planning to go the whole month of August without wearing make-up.

I had several reasons for my decision to give this a try:

1. August is hot!!!
 Everyone knows that in the heat of summer, especially down south with the humidity, that your        make-up will just melt off your face. Now that's an image! I figured I wouldn't have to fight the      heat, it made perfect sense.  

2, August is emotional!
I knew that this month would be very emotional for me. It would be 5 years since my first miscarriage and our little August would be starting Prek if he had lived.  It would also be 2 years since my oldest daughter's cancer diagnosis and the beginning of that journey.  There were so many emotional ups and downs this month, I cried a lot and everyone knows tears and make-up don't mix.

3. I wanted to see if anyone would notice!!
I was wondering if anyone would actually pay attention to me. Do people really look at me? Do people really see me? All things that I wondered about.

4. I wanted to give my skin a break!
Let me just go ahead and admit that this wasn't really much of a challenge, but it was still kind of difficult. I normally only wear make-up on Sunday and Wednesday when I go to church. This month provided many times other than that when make-up would have normally been a must for me. Even so, I stuck to the challenge and learn something about myself and those around me.

After an entire month without wearing a smidgen of make-up I was able to test out my reasoning. The results are in and here they are:

1. My skin does look better!

2. I saved time each day!

3. I was comfortable in social situations that normally "require" make-up!!

4. No one even noticed!!!!

At first it was very difficult to not put on the make-up. I guess it was just my habit, but as the month went on it got easier. I have to say I was surprised that my family didn't see the difference. Of course, my husband prefers me au natural. Overall, I would say it was an enlighting experience, one that has helped me to see more beauty inside of myself. In fact, it was so much fun that I have decided each month until the end of 2015 to do a secret challenge, something only I am aware of. I am interested to see the results and if they really do make a difference.

"That's my 'two-cents worth', whats yours?"