Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Trip of a Lifetime: Part 1

So by now I'm sure y'all have read my Make-A-Wish journey blog and are just absolutely dying to find out how our trip to Paris went? It was such an amazing journey that there is no way I can do it justice in just one Saturday morning blog post, so, I will be writing a whole series on Our Trip of a Lifetime. I mean I wouldn't want to take a chance on leaving out any little detail about Paris!!

First off MAW arranged for us to be picked up in a limo to be taking to the airport for our first flight. I had never been in a limo before and my first thought was swanky!! Anyway, we had the joy of experiencing the new security for airports. My poor husband had to go through that screening thing that sees you naked, but the kids and me just had to do the regular metal detector. I laughed at him, he did not think it was funny. We boarded the small plane that would fly us to Charlotte NC, the kids had never flown and they thought it was so cool.

When we arrived in Charlotte, my sister-in-law was already waiting for us and was so excited about the trip. We didn't have long to wait until we were on the plane and headed across an entire ocean to another continent and might I add another world, (at least it felt that way).  After many hours on the plane we finally landed in Paris!!! The attendants and pilots were so super nice and the girls even got to sit in the pilots seat and pretend to fly the plane!! There was also a flight marshall on board and whoever they were, we never saw them, left both girls a flight marshall's pin. We had a car to meet us and take us to the Montparnasse in Paris, but he drove us around the city on the way and stopped at the Sacre Coeur church in the Montmartre section of Paris. What a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise over the city.

After checking into our hotel, we rested for a bit and then ventured out into the city. We ask one of the locals how long it would take to walk to the Eiffel Tower and was told 20 minutes. We learned that French time is not the same as American time, that 20 minute walk took in fact one hour. The lesson of the day, learn to use the metro, it is a much faster way of travel. Of course the walk provided us with some time to see some of the city and a chance to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather, which we would not see again our entire time there.

We waited in line about an hour to go into the tower, my oldest daughter and sis-in-law only went to the second floor, but me, my hubby and my youngest went all the way to the top. That was a height of 280 meters or about 984 feet.  Let me just say that the view from the top was amazing!!! You could see the entire city and it was beautiful!

As we thought about that long walk back, my sis-in-law said no way, we are taking a taxi and I am paying. It was fun to take the taxi, but not something I wanted to repeat on that trip. We had pizza that night for supper and then back to the rooms for an early day on Monday.

......To be continued! 

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