Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Trip of a Lifetime: Part 3

On our third day in Paris we decided to sleep in, have a late breakfast and then head out to see the city. We took the metro and then boarded a Batobus for a tour of Paris by the Seine River.  The tour was one of those hop on/hop off tours, so we decided to hop off at the first stop and see the Love Lock Bridge.

Our tour guide the day before had explained to us that the city was in the process of removing the locks, but it was so popular that people had started puttings locks on all the bridges. My sister-in-law decided to buy one, even though she was not technically in a relationship. Here is how it goes: You buy the lock, place it on the bridge and then throw the keys in the Seine River.
I wonder just how many keys are at the bottom of that river? :)
After our stop at the LLB, we decided to walk to the Rodin Museum. While on the way it started to rain, but we had umbrellas. After about 45 minutes of walking, stopping for directions three times and waiting out a down pour we finally found said museum. It was so busy and crowded and the people working there were so pushy and bossy we decided not to even visit.  It was just 5 minutes later that I finally saw it on our city map and we realized we had only been about 10 minutes away from it to start with. At this point we decided to head back to the river cruise and again it started to rain. My poor sis-in-law had my cheap Dollar store umbrella and the wind was blowing so hard it turned it inside out. We laughed so hard we were crying. In the words of Aunt Na, "I got mascara all in my eyes, I'm going to be blind!" It was an hysterical moment. I am sure it will stick out as one of the best memories of the trip. 
When we finally made it back to the river we stayed on the boat almost the entire rest of the day. We rode up and down and up and down the river. It was my husbands favorite part. It was a slow relaxing day and the prefect way to see many of the main points of the city. We saw The Eiffel Tower,Norte Dame and so many other city spots.




We did decide to take the chance of getting off the boat one more time to go into The Lourve and take some pictures. We had already been into the musuem the day before, but had not seen the outside or the grounds. 

While we were waiting for the return of our boat, we saw that even in France they have the occasional stray, just like home.


The girls wanted to pet him, but we didn't think that was such a great idea and he just went  on this way.  Since she was bored and couldn't pet the doggie my youngest started investigating and found what she called a Parisian fairy house in the ground, she has such an interesting imagination. 
We continued on with our boat ride until it started getting dark, we wanted to take some dusk/night pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

We then took the metro back to the hotel and got a cheeseburger and fries in a little hole in the wall place. We had an early morning the next day so we went on to the hotel and to bed. It was a full and fun day in The City of Light.

To be continued.....

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