Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Trip of a Lifetime: Part 5

On our fifth day in Paris we slept in, all of us had a late night the night before and we were just exhausted.  We finally got up and headed down to breakfast about 9:30 and then headed out to take the Metro for a day full of shopping.
 (My hubby and my sister-in-law)

(The Metro)

We went over to the Champs Elysees.This is a major avenue in Paris that is famous for its theatres, cafés and luxury shops  It is the same street that General Charles de Gaulle came into Paris on when the city was finally liberated from The Nazis in August of 1944.

This is a photo of the day of Paris liberation.

Since I have given you a little history I will tell you that we spent the rest of the day shopping. We went all the way up one side of the avenue passing restaurants, stores, and then stopping at the world famous Laduree pastry shop. We had been told by our flight attendants that we must go there and try some macaroons. It was my one major splurge of the trip. I purchased eight cookies for 18 euros, about $25 American dollars. (Most of them were very good, but one tasted really bad.)

We passed by the Louis Vutton store and then made our way up to the Arc de Triumphe. The only way to cross the street was to take the tunnel underneath the Arc. It was pretty neat to be walking under the highway.
Louis Vuitton

Walking under the Arc

We then continued on down the opposite side of the road stopping along the way to shop, rest and watch street performers. It was during this day I got to visit my very first Tiffany and Co. boutique.  I can assure you that I didn't buy a thing, that place was way to rich for my blood.

Along with shopping we also did a little sight seeing and ate a crepe from a street vendor, another thing we were told we must do while there. The crepes were delicious and it was amazing to watch them being made right out in the open. 
Winston Churchill

Charles de Gualle

Crepe Street Vendor

Aunt Na enjoyed her caramel crepe

We didn't stay out to awful long, everyone was still tired from the day before and we were all still trying to adjust to French time. We took the Metro back to the hotel, dropped off our packages and headed out for supper. We ate at a steakhouse called Hippopotamus, only after my sister-in-law knew for certain that it was cow we would be eating.  It is not as common as it once was, but some people still eat horse in France.

We made our way back to the hotel and called it an early night. As I lay there in the bed I had mixed emotions. I knew the next day was our last full day in Paris and I was feeling somewhat sad, but the thought of getting home made me very happy.  The next day we got up early, had breakfast and headed out for our last day in the city.

To be continued.....

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