Sunday, May 10, 2015

When you stop blooming

I have always heard people talk about blooming where your planted, just doing the work that you need to do during a season of your life. When I was in school all I had to do was my work and make sure I was able to graduate. I had to "bloom" right there in high school. Over the years my life has changed and I have had to" bloom" in different places and ways. As the weather has warmed up here I started to move all my inside plants outside. I noticed how my Peace Lilies were beginning to look like they might be ready to be transplanted to other pots.  I got the first Peace Lily almost 9 years ago and I have gotten several plants from that one. I gave a few away, but I still kept two of them.  As they grow and get to big for their pots the roots start to grow upward, the plants become root bound and will begin to die. The only way to save them is by moving them into a bigger pot.  As my mind went along this line of thinking, it occurred to me that we are just like my two little lilies. 

I bet some of you wonder how I could believe that we are like my little houseplants, but when you really stop to consider it we are.  First off let me explain the flower part of my analogy: When you first put a flower in a pot, you make sure the pot is big enough to give room for the flower to grow and thrive. At some point it will outgrow that pot and you will just have to keep moving it from pot to pot.  It is just the way things are, if you want your plant to live you have to take the time to care for it and make sure that it has the room it needs.

Now let me explain how that goes right along with our lives:  We like plants have to have room to grow and thrive in order to live and bloom. I will use a personal experience that may bring this whole idea into perspective. Once I was involved in an activity that I had been a part of for over 7 years. I had always enjoyed being a part of it, but then something's happened in my life and I just didn't enjoy being a part of my special place anymore.  I just felt like I was wilting and withering away, like I had gotten root bound and couldn't grow.  I felt stuck and I was very unhappy.  I begin to pray for the Lord to move me someplace else or to give me back the love for what I had been doing.  The Lord did work it out and moved me somewhere new, doing something that I love. You see the Lord saw that I was no longer able to "bloom" where I was and he moved me to a brand new place that allowed for growth and blooming. I now am able to thrive and grow.

So you see just like plants, we at times grow out of room and need to be moved so we can grow and thrive.  God has a special job for all of us, a place that he has just for us, but at times that place will change and perhaps he will need to move us or change us, so that we can grow and bloom for him. 

"That's my 'two-cents' worth, what's your's?" 

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