Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Challenge

I decided at the beginning of August that I was going to embark on a new challenge, the no make-up for a month challenge. Yes, you read that right, I was planning to go the whole month of August without wearing make-up.

I had several reasons for my decision to give this a try:

1. August is hot!!!
 Everyone knows that in the heat of summer, especially down south with the humidity, that your        make-up will just melt off your face. Now that's an image! I figured I wouldn't have to fight the      heat, it made perfect sense.  

2, August is emotional!
I knew that this month would be very emotional for me. It would be 5 years since my first miscarriage and our little August would be starting Prek if he had lived.  It would also be 2 years since my oldest daughter's cancer diagnosis and the beginning of that journey.  There were so many emotional ups and downs this month, I cried a lot and everyone knows tears and make-up don't mix.

3. I wanted to see if anyone would notice!!
I was wondering if anyone would actually pay attention to me. Do people really look at me? Do people really see me? All things that I wondered about.

4. I wanted to give my skin a break!
Let me just go ahead and admit that this wasn't really much of a challenge, but it was still kind of difficult. I normally only wear make-up on Sunday and Wednesday when I go to church. This month provided many times other than that when make-up would have normally been a must for me. Even so, I stuck to the challenge and learn something about myself and those around me.

After an entire month without wearing a smidgen of make-up I was able to test out my reasoning. The results are in and here they are:

1. My skin does look better!

2. I saved time each day!

3. I was comfortable in social situations that normally "require" make-up!!

4. No one even noticed!!!!

At first it was very difficult to not put on the make-up. I guess it was just my habit, but as the month went on it got easier. I have to say I was surprised that my family didn't see the difference. Of course, my husband prefers me au natural. Overall, I would say it was an enlighting experience, one that has helped me to see more beauty inside of myself. In fact, it was so much fun that I have decided each month until the end of 2015 to do a secret challenge, something only I am aware of. I am interested to see the results and if they really do make a difference.

"That's my 'two-cents worth', whats yours?"

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