Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When Inspiration Strikes

Often times the inspiration to write hits me in the strangest of places. Sometimes it is a simple topic idea for my blog that I can jot down real quick and then think on later.  At other times it will be a whole entire post that will come to me out of nowhere, which seems to happen hours or even days after a topic comes to me. I can be sitting at home or even driving down the road when it hits.  Those times when I am driving and on a time crunch are the worst. I can't write and drive and I don't have time to pull over and write. It aggravates me when that happens, because I often forget that thought I had and it may take days to get it back, or it may never return.

 All that being said this past Friday night while sitting in a tent revival meeting I had an idea.  I didn't write it down, but it came back to me Sunday morning during our church service so I jotted down the topic.  I must have been thinking it over all day, because that night the words hit and I had to write. They hit during the singing part of our Sunday night service.  I got out a paper and started to write.  It didn't want to lose it.
This is what came to me:

 "I sit here every week and  listen to the young people  in our church sing about God, his goodness, and their faith. Recently the realization came to me that for the most part all they know is the good times. They have never sat by the bed side of a sick child not knowing if they will live or die. They have never been to the doctor only to be told their baby had no heartbeat. They have never had to bury a child or build a memorial for a baby that could not be buried.  They have never known the feeling of a marriage falling apart. They have never known the feeling of having a spouse that didn't support or love them.  They have not watched a love one age, forget them and pass away.  They have never felt that faith that is so strong slip away. They have never felt the joy in their soul fade. They have never questioned their beliefs or God.  I am glad that is the case for them and I hope they never do, but I know that they all will experience at least one or all of these things. I just pray that the faith they claim and cling to so strongly now will still be strong enough to get them through the difficult times in life."

This is one of my favorite songs on Faith,


In the end I know the lady singing was watching me, but the urge was so strong, I just had to write.  If it had been during preaching I would have let the idea fade, but I thought during the singing it was alright. Apparently I was mistaken and I was judged for it.  I guess us writers are really misunderstood.

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?" 

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