Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Case FOR Donald Trump

I am here to present to you the reasons why I am voting for Donald Trump. This post will not be about any other candidate or national news source. It will only be to show the issues and the top five reasons why I am voting this way.

Reason 1. 
Closing our Borders:
This is a major issue for me as you can see with it being listed first.  I am all for allowing people to come here legally. I am thankful for my immigrant ancestors who came here looking for a better life. I am just so frustrated with people coming here illegally, not paying a dime of money into the economy and then sitting back and sucking it dry. How do they do this you might ask? Think about all the free healthcare, food stamps, schooling, etc all this people and their children get, when they don't pay a dime in taxes and send most of their money back to whatever country they came from.  On top of that we have radical islamic terrorist crossing over our southern border and those pretending to be refugees being invited in just so they can come here and destroy us from the inside. We need a President that will protect us as a country. 

Reason 2.
The Second Amendment: This is self explanatory. My founding fathers made that amendment so that the people of this country could protect themselves and their families from enemies, both foreign  and domestic.  It needs no other explanation. 

Reason 3:
Abortion:I am 100% pro-life. I do not agree with abortion on any terms. Before you throw out the health of the mother, remember that only about 1% of abortions are performed due to the mothers health.  I can only imagine how horrible it must be to find yourself pregnant after a sexual attack or incest, but why not give that child up for adoption and let others who can't have children raise that baby. We say that life ends when your heart stops beating, so why not at least admit it starts when your heart starts beating, which is at 6 weeks gestation.  I believe life begins at conception and that baby has a life and it is not your choice to destroy it. 

Reason 4.
Jobs: We have a serious lack of jobs in this country.  Our products are being made overseas for a cheaper rate and then sent back in to us to pay huge amounts all while companies close and people lose their jobs. And before you start about Trump having business overseas ask yourself what drove him to do that? Taxes so high on his company that he was forced to.  Business here today have two choices, close shop, have products made overseas and get through the tax loop hole or stay here, lay people off, pay extreme EPA (environmental protection agency) fines and have to charge 3 times as much for their products just to make a profit. Which then forces the consumer to pay more when he already has less money thanks to higher tax brackets. 

Reason 5:
Non establishment:
I love the fact that Donald Trump is a non-establishment politician.  He is just a successful business man who sees his country spiraling down into destruction and wants to pull it back from the brink.The fact that all the other politicians hate him and are trying to destroy him (even his own party) is evidence he is right for the job.  
Again this is my blog and my opinion, which last time I checked was still my First Amendment right. I am also well aware that the FBI and all government entities know what I write and are keeping tabs on this right wing, conservative, evangelical, home schooling, stay at home mom. 

Hey, Mr. FBI man how about giving my regards to Mr. Obama.

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

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