Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Money Saving

A couple of years ago I posted about how we had been working together to save money for our upcoming Disney trip.  Well as soon as we got home in March of 2015 we started the process all over again. My idea was to save for a cruise to Alaska, but my oldest decided that she wanted a cruise to Disney for gradation (2018) so that is what we are currently working towards.

My savings in 2015 was great, but in 2016 I sort of fell of the savings wagon, but now we are in a new year and it is time to get busy. Currently we are sitting at $1900.00 saved out of $6,000.00 we need. Well, I guess you could accurately say we have $2900.00 saved because we always budget $1,000.00 each year for vacation. My husband has money taking from his check each week to pay for Christmas and vacation and it is truly a blessing.  Now I know that not everyone can do that so I am planning to write a series titled Money Saving. I will be using these post to introduce you to some things we have in our arsenal of money saving weapons.

In this post I will simply be listing them one by one and then later I will be writing an individual post on each. I call it my Bakers Dozen of Money Saving.

 1. Crowdtap
 2. Swagbucks
 3. Receipt Hog
 4. MileUp
 5. Consignment Sale
 6. Dimes for Disney
 7. Money Jar
 8. Coupons
 9. Turning in Cans
10. Fundraisers
11. Purging sale
12. Buying and Reselling
13. Babysitting

As I stated earlier we are saving money to pay for our daughters graduation trip, but these same ideas could be used to save or pay for about anything you want or need.  All that really matters is that you save.

I know that it can seem overwhelming, especially when one is not working/out of work, but some of these tips can be done even then.  I know there are places that I could work on, currently my nemesis is a budget. No matter how much I seem to try I just can't nail one down. I am hoping in the next couple of months to get that under control as well.  Just remember in this savings game, all it takes is one small little change to make a huge difference.  Thanks for reading everyone and happy saving!! 

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

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