Saturday, February 11, 2017

Money Savings: Can Recycling

The first of my money savings/making strategies I am going to be discussing is can recycling. I am sure that this money saving/making weapon of mine is self explanatory, but here it goes anyway. 

We do not drink a lot of sodas here,but the ones we do drink we never throw out the cans. Instead we bag them up and take them to our local salvage dealer.  We also have a few different people who collects their cans for us as well. My daddy saves his own cans and then picks them up when he goes for his evening walks. We also have two different families in our church who save their cans for us a well.  Not only do we save our own cans and have others save for us, we also go on weekly walks, weather permitting and pick them up from the road side. We live in a very rural area so there is not a lot of traffic and people tend to throw out a lot of cans.  

We normally wait until we have about two to three trash bags full of them and then we recycle.  Now I know that when most people think recycle they are all about being green and keeping the earth clean. We feel that way too, but we also see dollar signs in the process.  Of course it is not very much money to be made, but it does help. Currently we are getting thirty-five cents a pound and that isn't much.  I like to look at it as a win-win. I get money for Disney and the earth gets a little cleaning.  Whenever I see cans just thrown away it hurts me, because to me that is just throwing money away.  

*Now here is where I need to explain our one exemption to this can rule. We do not drink any type of alcoholic beverages, so we never have those types of cans. Our rule is to never pick up or sale those type of cans. We see lots of them on our walks, but we made the decision to not have that participate in our family vacation money.  We are totally and completely against alcohol drinking and will not have any part of it in our trip. 

This was not the last load we took, my husband left before I got a picture, but this is the load before. We got about two dollars for these cans. I told you it does not bring much, but it does bring a little. 

Each time I manage to make a little extra for my vacation fund it really makes me feel accomplished, not matter how small or large the amount and in the end that really is all that matters. 

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

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