Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Break: Vacation Time

First off I must apologize for being blog absent for so long, there has just been so much going on for us lately that I honestly have not had time to write.

One thing I love most about summer, besides school being out, is the fact that it is vacation time. I love going on trips with my family, seeing new things and new places.  Of course summer isn't the only time for vacationing. We love to go to the beach in the fall and a couple of years ago we went to Disney World at Christmas, but typically summer is when most people go on vacation. 

Most people head to the same place every year, perhaps the beach or the mountains, but not us. We are always looking for somewhere new and different to see.  We usually start about six months ahead of time deciding where we are going and then finding a place to stay. After that we work on sights to see and attractions, of course by we, I mean me.  I do all the planning then we have a family meeting to go over all the details, adding or subtracting certain ones until we have it just right.  I remember one specific vacation years ago to Pigeon Forge. We had reservations for the Dixie Stampede our first night and we needed to be there early.  I had planned for us to arrive at our hotel early so we could rest up and change, before heading over to the show, but a tractor trailer accident along with a three hour traffic jam almost did me in.  We still managed to arrive early enough to change, but with no time to rest.  I learned two valuable lessons that day: 

1. Always make sure your plans are adjustable. 

2. Vacation is exactly that, vacation, try to relax and enjoy it. 

Our family meeting this year is scheduled for tonight. I have spent the last couple of days working on the details for our trip in a few weeks. I hope my family has fun and enjoys themselves. I won't reveal our location, that will be a later blog, but it is sure to be an interesting one. 

So go out this summer and take a trip. It could be a week or just a day trip, but something is better than nothing. Spend some time with your family and make some memories that will last a lifetime. 

Happy Summer and Happy Vacationing!! 

"That's my "two cents worth", what's yours?"

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