Saturday, August 17, 2013

The most scared I have ever been!!

First let me apologize for being blog absent for two weeks. Our family got some heart wrenching news a couple of weeks ago and I just haven't been able to write anything.  That is what my quickly thrown together blog is about this week. So here goes our story....

....two weeks ago our 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I can tell you that is the scariest sentence I have ever heard in my life, "I'm sorry, but your daughter has cancer."  I had to get the doctor to repeat himself so I could make sure I heard him right. At first I was just numb and in shock, but after that I couldn't breath and felt as if I was going to die.  For the first three days I just felt as if I was walking around in a fog, unable to even go about my daily routine.  After meeting with the oncologist and having a whole days worth of testing done, we have been told that this is highly curable and that they are very optimistic about her outcome.  We head to the hospital next week for surgery and her first chemo treatment. I would like to ask all who read this to please remember her in your prayers. I know whose I am and I know whom I serve and I know that my God is greater than this cancer. He is the great I Am, the maker of all things in Heaven and Earth and he is the great physician. I am putting my faith and trust in him!!

I'm sure that many of my blogs will be about our journey together as a family through this and also some of her story and input will go in as well.  I will do my very best to keep updated on all that goes on and ask again for your prayers and for you to please pass along this request for us.


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