Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Trip of a Lifetime: Part 6

When we woke up on our sixth day of our trip we knew that it was our final day in Paris. We went down to the hotel resturant for breakfast and then took the Metro over to see Sainte Chapelle church. This church was the place were the Kings and Queens of France would go to worship God.


  The church was amazing, beautiful and the stain glass windows were breathtaking.  The windows tell the story of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You start on the left hand side and read the pictures from bottom to top. I can only imagine the undertaking, time and patience it took to create such a masterpiece.

Place of honor for the King and Queen
We then went over to one of the must see attracations (according to articles online), the bookstore Shakespeare and Co.  The bookstore has been open for almost 100 years  and was once a meeting place for great authors, such as Ernest Hemingway. My oldest daughter bought a copy of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and had it stamped with the bookstore stamp. She was very excited about buying a book in Paris.


We then took a walk through the city, stopped at a pet store and went to get Pizza for lunch then we met my sister-in-law for a bus trip out to the Palace at Versailles. At the meeting place was this amazing statue of Joan of Arc.

 It took about 45 minutes to make the trip and it was a very crowded place.  We had an audio tour of the palace and were able to go room to room and learn about the palace. The palace started out as a hunting lodge and then became the home of the royal family in 1682. King Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, wanted a home away from the city of Paris. He began the expansion of the "hunting lodge" and created this grand palace.  The opulance and granduer of the palace goes a long way in explaining the final revolution of the French people.  As the royals were living in such wealth, the common people were starving without even any bread to eat. The Revolution was a hard and difficult time for the French people.

Hall of Mirrors



 Hall of Mirrors
Bed of King Lous XIV

Doorway through which Marie Antoinette
escaped during the French Revolution.


Gardens of Versailles
As we headed back into the city we went through the tunnel in which Princess Diana was killed and then saw the small version of the Statue of Liberty.
We knew we were going to have to get up early the next morning to make our arrival time at the airport, so we had supper and got all packed up. As I lay there that night I was so excited about getting back to America, but I still felt a small pang of sadness to know we were leaving Paris behind.
To be continued.....

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