Saturday, May 4, 2013

Senior Saints Banquet: Celebrating our Senior Citizens

One of the things that we do each year at our church is hold our annual Senior Saints Banquet. It is that one time each year that we sat aside to celebrate and honor all of the Senior Citizens of our church. We think it is very important to give them a special thing each year. They have worked hard and deserve to be honored for all they have done. 

Each year the celebration is all fixed around one basic theme and all the food, decorations, entertainment, etc. is based on that theme. This year we decided to do a theme we had never attempted before, Fiesta.  My friend Kristen and I are the ones who came up with the idea and at first there was some skepticism in our ladies group. The main question was, "What will we eat?" I guess when ever anyone hears the word fiesta, they automatically think of hot, spicy food. After some reassuring of our ladies that we not serve anything hot and spicy, we got the go ahead to plan the celebration.

We decided to have a taco salad buffet and also some pintos and potatoes for those who didn't want salad. We spent many weeks planning and purchasing items for the banquet.  We sent out specially made invites to all our Senior Saints giving them the details of our banquet.  At first, we had many we thought would not come, because they thought the food would not be good, but we assured them there would be something for everyone. Before we knew it the week arrived to start putting everything together, we had so much fun decorating our fellowship building and getting everything set up. 

Finally, the day arrived for our banquet and I have to admit I was somewhat nervous about how things would go. I have learned in this life that you can't please everyone and I've been around older people enough to know they can be the hardest ones to make happy. I had no idea how they would react or what they would say, but I knew one thing for sure, if this banquet didn't go well, it would be all my fault. I am happy to report that the banquet was a huge hit!!  It makes me very happy to know that all the planning, running and hard work paid off.  I was very thrilled to see that some of them were even brave enough to try some new foods.  I always enjoy entertaining our Senior Saints, they always know that I will do or say something to make them laugh. I do it for that purpose, because as it states in the Bible in Proverbs 17:22, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." I wish I had some photos to share with you of the good time that we had, but as always I was busy cutting up and making them laugh. I have some photos of the tissue paper flowers I made and the back drop that I came up with. I also made the fake cactus in the basket. It took me a couple of days of thinking on it how to do it without have to paper mache.  I also made a pinata cake, it was very good. 


I count it a joy and honor to be able to celebrate our Senior Citizens.  I am reminded every day when it look in the mirror that it won't be to awful long before I will be one of them and I certainly hope that someone will be willing to take the time to celebrate and honor me. 

"That's my "two cents worth", what's yours?"

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