Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why I love weekends!

My weeks are full of early mornings, getting everyone up, ready and out the door.  Even though I am a stay at home mom I still have full days. I strive to get all my errands done and  to accomplish all my housework during the week. Being a stay at home mom allows for me to be able to do these things, leaving my weekends open for what I want to do.  I know some families that have working parents and they use their weekend time for being with each other and spending quality time. That might mean going out to eat, taking the kids someplace fun to play or on a nice day going to the park. I also know some parents that because of work they spend their entire weekend catching up on all the things that did not get done during the week. Our family has a pretty laid back attitude for the weekends. We try to keep them as simple as possible and not overbook ourselves.

It is so easy to do fill your weekends up with stuff to do. To plan things and outings for your children. To create things to fill up their time. I do not have a problem with families that do this type of thing, but I would love to share with you why we love the weekends.

Why we love our Saturdays:
1. I love sleeping in!! I have to wake up so early every week day (5:30 am) that I absolutely love being able to lay in the bed until 9 on Saturdays. Mind you that there are the occasional Saturday mornings that we have to rise early, but for the most part we just get to stay in bed.
2. There are the rare Saturdays my husband is home from work. He works almost every Saturday during the year and having the extra time with him is special to me and the kids.
3. I get extra snuggle time with my girls.  Of course my teenager is normally on the couch with a book, but that is our time. Me and the girls will sometimes all be side by side with our noses stuck in a  book. We are avid readers and love discussing our latest read.
4. It is just good, quiet time. I stay so busy during the week cleaning, washing and running all over the town that being home with nothing to do is an amazing thing.

Why we love our Sundays:
1. It is church day!! We love being able to get up in the mornings, going to Sunday school and Sunday service. It is such a blessing to be able to be in the House of God not just on Sunday mornings, but Sunday nights as well.
2. Every other Sunday we stop by to visit my father-in-law. He just had his 83rd birthday and we love spending time with him. Most of our visit is spent with talking and watching television, but the kids love getting to see their Papa Ellis.
3.I love my Sunday afternoon naps! I try to get me a short nap or just a little rest time every Sunday afternoon. I know y'all are thinking all I do is lay around on the weekends and for the most part that is true. I mean weekends are made for resting, relaxing and being with family and we try to make the most of all three.

I know some people would say that we should be taking our children to all types of events and activities, but our girls enjoy the time at home.

I don't want for y'all to think we don't do anything extra, because we do go out and do extra things. Most times we try to find free or cheap things to do.(That is one of my ways of saving money.) Sometimes we take the girls fishing or get out the four wheeler and ride around. There are times we go to the library to check out books. We watch and study different cultures from around the world and even try our hand at different art techniques. I always try to find something interesting and fun for the kids when we do go out, but they are so busy during the week with school and extra activities that they long for the quiet time on the weekends as much as we do. I am sure my fifteen year old would love to do more, but she understands that everyone needs time to unwind and recharge after a busy week.

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

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