Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You call that full???

One memory that sticks out to me from my childhood is that when you bought something at the grocery store was that is was full. I get so frustrated every time I buy a bag of chips. Why is it that you get half a bag of chips and half a bag of air.  I feel like I am being robbed over and over again when I go to the grocery store. It is not just chips, but lots of different types of food. I discovered the other day it is not just food, but all sorts of products we have to buy each day. 

The one that really gets me is toilet paper. Can I just say how much I hate to buy it and then just watch it as it gets flushed down the toilet, literally!  The only reason they charge so much for it is because they know that you have to have it. One day while watching Extreme Cheapskates I saw this lady who does not use toilet paper. Yes, you read that right. She does not use toilet paper. She has a small trash can by her toilet and they have rags that they use, then drop into the trash can, so she can wash them and use them all over again.  I consider myself a cheapskate, but not even I am that cheap!!  I am not going to lie, I have washed and reused things like paper plates, plastic spoons, etc., but not even I am going to go that far. I will just use coupons and try to find the best deal I can on TP.
It seems that all the products that we buy have shrunk in size and increased in price.  I have seen the price of items I buy regularly go up in price over the last 10 years.  How in the world are we expected to provide for our families when you can't get anything for your money?  I get so frustrated sometimes I could just scream. Here we are doing all we can to make it and the person in front of me is stocking up using food stamps, then using their cash to buy lottery tickets, beer, etc.  It just makes me so happy to know my husband works and pays taxes so they can support their habit (I say in my most sarcastic voice). Of course that is a whole different topic and a blog post in itself. 
I am sure that so many people out there feel the same as me.  I hate the feeling of being robbed at every place I go. I recently was searching for a place to have my daughters birthday party this year and called the park I have used many times before. They told me that a new rule was put in place last year that meant an extra $20 to rent the picnic shelter if you didn't leave in that city limit. What!?! I guess they would rather let it stay empty and not make anything than rent it out for the regular price.  Like I said, we are getting rob at every turn in life and there does not seem to be anything we can do about it, except for coupons and you can't use those for everything.  
Another thing is that you keep hearing all this about eating healthy. We should eat more fruits/veggies and less processed food. Well they should make those things more affordable to people. I still buy it in and out of season.  I really hate spending as much as we do, but I would rather spend it now and eat healthy, than give my money to the doctor later on.  One thing I do is to buy it when it is in season and freeze it for later in the year, having a big freezer is a huge help.
Does anybody else out there feel like your being robbed at every turn? If so, leave a comment and maybe it will spark a discussion and eventually a change.
Anyway, that is my rant for the day and for this blog, I got to get back to the whole housewife/Mom/Tink thing that I do.
                                     "That's my 'two-cents worth, what's yours?"

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