Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bucket List Project 2016: A Review

So last year, since I was turning 40, I decided to work on my bucket list. My goal was to check off one item a month for all of 2016. I wanted to make the year one that I would look back on and never be able to forget and trust me I will never forget 2016.

 Some months I did more than one and some months I didn't do any.  The last three months of the year were very difficult for me personally and for our family, (I will be writing about that in another post), but I thought I would just let my readers know that I made it. As of yesterday I had crossed 12 items off my bucket list. I have been blogging every three months about my adventures and I know some of you have been reading along. I just want to take a few minutes to review all the things I have done and talk a little about what I hope to do.

1. Antiquing: I finally got the chance to go antique shopping with my husband. We spent the whole morning together going from antique shop to antique shop.

2. Seeing a Broadway musical: Even though it wasn't on Broadway, it was still so exciting to get to see Wicked with my daughter for her 16th birthday.

3. I got to take a Bob Ross painting class with my youngest daughter. We had so much fun. Our finished product might not be perfect, but it is perfectly us.

4.The spontaneous road trip. In March we decided to flip a coin and let chance decide what we would do. It took us to the North Carolina coast and Cape Hatteras. We had a wonderful little get away.

5.On our way back home from the coast my husband drove an hour out of the way so I could visit North Carolina's oldest town, Bath. I have always wanted to visit and he helped make that happen.

6. In May I was able to cross off taking part in a color run. I am looking forward to the opportunity of participating in another one this year.

7.  I also wrote my very first book using an internet publishing site.

8. For our anniversary my husband took me to an indoor shooting range.  I had the best time. There is just something about the feel of that gun in your hand and shooting that target. It makes you feel protected and powerful.

9.The unplanned road trip: In June we embarked on a 8 day/9 state road trip. We went across the southern part of the United States visiting different places we had never been and revisiting some we had already seen. It was most definitely out of my comfort zone not having a hotel until about 30 minutes before we stopped, but still lots of fun. I got to visit four states I had never been to and got to put my feet in the Mississippi river.  It was amazing!!!

10.Statue of Liberty: In August my husband paid for a trip to NYC to see Lady Liberty. I admit it, I cried. It was something I had dreamed of since I was a child.

11. Street vendor hot dog:While in NYC I finally got the opportunity to eat a hot dog off a street vendor. In fact I did it twice that week. The first one was for me only and the second I shared with my Mama. She had always wanted to try one too. I had no idea it would be the  last vacation we would ever take together, but how thankful  I am that she was there to share the experience with me.

12. Lastly I finally got my photography portfolio created.  It is not full, but the fact that I started it crosses it off my list. I hope to add a lot more pictures to it in the years to come.

I have several things in the works for this year and am seriously considering continuing on with this blog series.  The truth is having all these adventures in writing has helped me to be able to remember all the little details I would have forgotten.  I completely understand why people often kept journals in the past.  It might have been just daily, routine things or great adventures, but having everything written down helped prevent them from forgetting all the wonders they had seen and the times they had. Perhaps we should all start keeping a daily journal. Who knows what the future generations could learn from us.

Happy New Year! 

"That's my 'two-cents worth', what's yours?"

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